Blue Flower

You ought to be congratulated. Good onya, you have found this place called

School of Bogans


Why wasn't I told about this before, especially when I was a kid ???

No need to fear, us Bogans are here to help you make money online. At School of Bogans we learn step by step how to make money online. 

From the very first step to making money constantly online. We know that there are people with no money to invest at all. More you can invest now the quicker the results but we understand what it is like to not be able to rub two dollars together, so grab our book for FREE


We have young, old, poor, rich, fat and thin students all learning new ways to make money online

Our student based community are bouncing ideas off each other, helping each other, offer support and most of all RESPECT each other always

Bogan Instructors


The team of Bogans Instructors have all made money using the internet, selling products, selling services, make passive income online, enjoy the excitement of making money online and enjoy life. That is to say, not just one of those things but all of those things combined. We all have our own stories and we know what works and doesn't work. So we teach our students the right way to make money online today. Some of our older Bogan Instructors have been making money online since windows 95 days ............ that's 25 years ago, ya think he might know some things too

School Fees


THERE ARE FEES. There are grants available through here if you grab a copy of Bogan Secrets. You can start from scratch so again, grab a copy of Bogan Secrets. Go to School of Bogans sign up and get current fees