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Lets just take a minute here and give yourself a pat on the back. You want to better your life and make a bit of money along the way. Well done you. Look at you go .....

Even if you are in debt now and don't have any money, you have still come to the right place. We help our students get to where they want to go. Financial freedom with some fun and without hurting anyone is our goal and from here on in we will be with you every step of the way to help you achieve this goal

Here is what you get when you become a Bogan Wannabe

Admin Fee once off fee US$20

Enrolment Fee US$75/month (can cancel anytime)

This gives you access to library of podcasts by Poida Bogan's self affirmation , relaxation, weight loss, stop smoking and deep sleep popular pod casts (worth US$197)

An invitation to Wednesday Book Club where we meet every Wednesday and talk about our strategies on making money for the weeks ahead (worth Priceless)

Access to our step by step guides to build an online presence and make some money with a mentor by your side. Our staff all have a small business or run a company, sell products or services online, UNDERSTAND WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE but most importantly, went to the school of hard knocks. We don't want just the business relationship with our students but treat them more like one of the pack of fellow Bogans. Respect is a big think here. We can respect where you are in life at the moment. With lessons learnt from people in the same position only a few years ago to becoming financially free and have some fun is the goal. don't lose sight of that. You will have someone there helping you always (worth Priceless)

Access to the maths department. Know as the Bean Counting Place. You have access to blank business plans, house budgets, daily budgets and basic saving techniques. Compounding savings and a very basic introduction to the stock exchange. This is a great place for Bogans to learn about budgeting (should be taught at primary school so worth FREE)

Where is the party ??!! This is becoming very popular especially since the 9 coronas virus. depending on where you are in the world and also can depend on how ballsy your are but you will have limited access to the Party Room. This is a secure room where the graduates are making crazy money. We trade live, swing trade, play with cryptos and find ways to make a lot of money in a short period of time. This room is dedicated to students that have passed certain levels and passed exams. There is not financial advise in the Party Room. It is where fellow Bogans will go to show others what they are doing right now to make money.( Worth Priceless)

If you are a complete newbie then we will help you with set up. Email address, step you through social media, show you different way to make money online. This is where we get to know YOU. Your likes/dislikes strengths/weaknesses. Its a lot easier making money doing something you enjoy (Worth US$197)

Niche Markets. Sometimes its so hard to find one. Our staff will help you find you niche

If you are not a newbie. Maybe you have an idea or even a service or a product. Now what?? We are here to help. Our Brother Bogan's at gives our students 50% discount on their web site building packages. At school you will learn the finer points on getting traffic to your website and get closer to your goals (worth a heap of lost time doing things that doesn't make you money)

Access to all of our courses:

Busted Arse Broke



Health is Wealth

Facebook Tricks


Paid advertisings Vs Free

Organic Traffic Solutions

CEO Basics

Passively While I Sleep

Ahhh Man ...... I've got no cash



CEO Intermediate

Amazon Shoppify Dropshipping


WORK (four lettered dirty word)

(worth US$7997)

When the stimulas is over .........

9 coronas


For $2.50 a day, less than a price of coffee, you get all this and a chance to change your life, your loved ones, your family for the better



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